Front Sight Firearms

Front Sight Firearms LLC, is a one-stop-shop firearms instruction business that teaches an array of firearms fundamentals. 


  1. Basic Handgun Training Course - 3 hour course 
  2. Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) Course - 4 hour course
  3.  Private Live-Fire Training - Min. 1 hour required
  4.  Special Professionals Practical Police Training Course - 16 hours over 2 days 

Front Sight Deals

  1. Basic Handgun Training Course:  Rate: $199 
  2. Maryland HQL Course: $100/person. Up to 5 ppl
  3. Private Live-Fire Training: $65/hr using the clients weapon(s) and ammo. $75/hr using Front Sight Firearms weapon(s) and ammo. One hour minimum required.
  4. Special Professionals Practical Police Training: $400/person up to 5 people.

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People are saying...

Front Sight Firearms provided timely and professional weapons training for both beginners and experienced gun owners.  Excellent individual attention during the small group training session for applied and didactic learning interface. High praise to Front Sight for providing this training! 

Dr Kristal C. Owens

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